Why TRA?

The mission of Trauma Recovery Associates is to offer hope and healing to adult survivors of childhood trauma.

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Memories from a childhood of abuse and neglect don't go away on their own. The feelings don't just disappear and can't be buried forever. They just keep trying to come up like a beach ball held underwater. There are better ways to deal with feelings...and there is Hope for Healing. Check out the Trauma Recovery programs.

Trauma Model

The Trauma Model helps individuals and groups identify conflicts, unlearn specific distortions, develop self awareness, and regulate feelings related to trauma.


Trauma survivors are experts at keeping the body in the present while thoughts and emotions are somewhere else.

Cognitive Distortions

Survivors of childhood trauma are prone to cognitive distortions.


Grief is a primary feeling which trauma survivors try to avoid.

Victim/Predator/Rescuer Trials

The triangle consists of the victim (the child), the rescuers (those whom the child expects or hopes will rescue them from the trauma), and the perpetrator (the one who abuses or neglects).

Calming the Body’s Stress Response

Mindful relaxation, meditation, yoga, prayer, guided imagery, and exercise are a few of the techniques known to be effective.


Hope for Healing