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Healthy Living Skills


HLS helps participants recognize their triggers, learn skills, and overcome challenges to make more desirable choices.

Content Covered in HLS Groups

  • · Staying grounded in the present
  • · Learning to manage strong feelings
  • · Identifying triggers
  • · Calming the body’s stress response especially in response to triggers
  • · Modifying extreme responses and black and white thinking in work, school, family and relationships
  • · Understanding where one’s own responsibility begins and ends
  • · Learning to accept grief
  • · Understanding the power of forgiveness

HLS Offers

  • · Small Groups
  • · Trained Facilitators
  • · Community Based Locations
  • · 7 sessions/1.5 hours each
  • · One Individual Session [Post Assessment]
  • · Invitation to participate in research study
  • · No cost to participants

HLS groups are currently offered at

  • · Kalamazoo County Jail
  • · Kalamazoo Probation
  • · Enhancement Program (KPEP) ·Substance abuse treatment facilities
  • · YWCA Domestic Abuse Shelter

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