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Our Achievements


Grief is a primary feeling which trauma survivors try to avoid. The grief stage comes late in the healing process because survivors set up defenses against the deep pain experienced during grieving. The content presented by survivors during the early stages of recovery focuses on the bad things that happened during the trauma.

The content of the grief stage focuses on the good things that should have happened during their childhood, but didn’t. As survivors mourn the childhood that wasn’t, the extreme behaviors and defenses become quiet, and the benefits of recovery work begin to emerge externally as well as internally.


An Advisory Board was formed. That led to legal non-profit incorporation and then approval by the IRS as a tax-exempt organization in 2013, and the establishment of its first Board of Directors.


Initial research was completed that demonstrates participants in the Trauma Recovery Program show significant improvement at the end of the Program, and it is maintained after 1 year and two years.


TRA began to offer trauma healing groups open to members of the community at-large. It also assumed responsibility for administration of the diocesan Trauma Recovery Programs, and implementation of a grant to expand its programs throughout southwestern Michigan.


We launched RENEW/RENOVARSE, a free program responding to the pandemic.

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