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Trauma Model

The Trauma Model helps individuals and groups identify conflicts, unlearn specific distortions, develop self awareness, and regulate feelings related to trauma.


Victim/Predator/Rescuer Trials

When children are in a trauma situation they are part of a relationship triangle. The triangle consists of the victim (the child), the rescuers (those whom the child expects or hopes will rescue them from the trauma), and the perpetrator (the one who abuses or neglects). Long after the original trauma, survivors often re-create that triangle in their interpersonal relationship in an effort not to feel uncomfortable feelings of helplessness. In the re-creations, survivors may assume any role on the triangle.

The goal is for survivors to “get off the triangle” altogether and to avoid being locked into rigid polarized behaviors. Instead of being a victim, they realize that there are times they will need others’ help. Instead of being a rescuer, they realize that there will be times that they want to help others. Instead of being a perpetrator or wanting to hurt others, they realize that there will be times that they need to be firm, assertive, and set boundaries.

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